Friday, January 24, 2014

2013 a Good Year

2013 Was a great year for glass. Here at we have learned a few things. Our products seems to get better and better refined and we keep finding more of our customers have ideas that we are interested in. Our site at Glass & Fire   We have been selling at under the name glassnfire also.

has been good to us this year.

  Because of a very good customer in Florida we have come up with some very unusual jewelry. The Octopus bracelet below has had some very positive feed back and we are hope to market it this year.

Thanks to my wife for her hand in this photo. My ol hands don't seem to lend themselves to a good show of our Jewelry. I will keep my hand on the hot glass and not in the photos. 
Perhaps we can do a bit better blogging this year.  Help us out and share it with your family an friends.
Our studio lessons were a big hit for our Students and Keith did well in sending a number of them through the beginner lessons. If you would like to have a lesson please see our web site Glassnfire for prices.

We want to extend a big thanks to all of our gallery's that have done such a good job selling our glass. We hope this year we can do much better in keeping you all supplied much better.  But again thanks!

We hope to see more interest in our Wild life and other jewelry. Look for pendants and jewelry in other areas such as the Horse pendant.  If you have and idea that you would like to see in glass please let us know and we will try to do what we can to make you happy. 

A Dalek pendant?  Yes This one went to the UK. 
A special order!

Looking for a good 2014
Ron Burt and Keith 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hot Shop update: February

Ron feels that after years of working with hot glass that he has only lightly touched the surface so to speak! There are basically two kinds of glass that are worked with by artists. In the field  of glass blowing there are what is known as soft glass and hard glass. Some say Boro or Borosilicate which is the hard or high temperature kind of glass. Ron runs his torch at around 1800 to 2000 degrees in order to melt rods and tubes of glass for his art glass sculptures!

 The soft glass or lower temperature type of glass is melted around 1000 to 1500 degrees. Beads and many types of Off Hand glass or glass that comes out of a furnace and made into Goblets or bowls are all the lower temperature kinds of glass! Off hand glassblowing are what most people are familiar with and it is the method used to make drinking glasses and bowls and the like. Bottles and many household item are made with a softer type of glass but are pressed or blown into a mold to obtain their shape.
The mold is closed and the glass is blown into the mold and then its opened and the bottle can be released leaving the impression of the mold in the glass. The glass then goes into an oven where it is then slowly cooled over a period of time. This process is call annealing, which makes the glass much stronger. The annealing process can also make the glass much less likely to break when struck with a hard object or when it fall. To a degree it make it shock resistant.  

 In making glass beads some times a mold or a bead mold is used to get the desired shape.
The beads are made by wrapping hot glass around a mandrel, that has been previously dipped into a thick clay liquid type of material called bead release. That makes it possible for the bead to be removed from the mandrel or metal rod, other wise it would be a permanent part of the mandrel.

The glass is then place in to a small
oven called a kiln and held at a
certain temperature for a period of
time so the the glass bead will not

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hot Shop Update: January

Well here's proof that Ron has been around and doing glass for a while! This is an old clipping out of the Rifle Colorado news paper. An article about Ron doing a demo at Rifle Hardware. Check out the date on the Article it is November 4 1981! The article shows a picture of a torch. Ron still actually has it at his Studio in Colorado today.

 The picture below is the Big Gun that he uses now to do his sculptures and jewelry!
 Glass and Oxygen are mixed together to reach temperatures of close to 1800 degrees to melt the glass rods and tubes that for his Glass sculptures!   Pendants and Earrings and Rings are among some of Ron's fantastic work.
Octopus Pendant
This is the Manta-ray Sculpture that is on Ron's Twitter Page.  There you will be able to follow lots of facts and the latest on the Sea Turtle and Octopus and other Sea Life Creatures.
The following is pic of Ron Work Bench you can see some of the tools of the trade and some of the Drawings that Ron uses to get his ideas translated into real sculptures.  To bad we can't get a photo of how that creative process work in the brain!  Never the less it works!  Watch for more on Hot Shop Updates from the GLASS BLOB.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hot Shop update-November

Meet the Artists at Glass & Fire Studio! Keith is working on a new project.  Doing some Honey Jars for the Back Yard Hive of Boulder

Keith works with about 2000 degrees and forms the glass to the desired shape and adds various layers of colors and forms to get the finished product.
After lots of problems with cracking and getting them straight and getting them consistently the same size at last the order was delivered!  Now with some of the long needed experience behind one can do the next batch with more confidence and hopefully the profit level will be much high this time!. Wheeuuu!!

Our next project will be organizing a series of continued lessons or Glass blowing classes that are offered on our site and we are looking for ways to promote them to the public.
Sea Turtle with Sea Weed
Check them out at our site at- We offer beginner lessons that consist of 2 hours of hands on lessons. You will be able to make two item that you can take home and and enjoy.  It a great experience! 

We have a new Gallery or Store in Hawaii call the Polynisian Treasure.
We love doing sea life so they will fit nicely into our style. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Giant Sea Turtles Project

Our giant Sea Turtle Project was inspired by various thing that came together because of our desire to have our glass in more and more galleries. This big guy is more than a foot long. It was done using lamp-work methods. That is we used nothing more than a torch and some glass rods to get the desired shape. The small one has been for some time our limit as far as size goes. We decided to send my son Keith to Hawaii to see if we could get a gallery or two that would represent us. Nohea Gallery has sense then been a real good out let for us!  When Keith returned we were invited to The Signature gallery in Las Vegas Nevada in order to check out the possibility of having  them represent us in Hawaii and the US. We were inspired by a Sea Turtle that we saw there that was of the Off Hand type made in Italy. The truth is we have almost never seen a glass Sea Turtle that really has the look of a realistic looking Sea Turtle. When you look into the eyes our our Sea Turtle you will know what we mean.
    We used two Big Torches together one being my Delta Elite and another similar in size plus one that you would not believe a weed burner. Three of us worked together for parts of 3 days to come up with our first successful Giant Sea Turtle. We do have some plans and ideas to make one even bigger!  Probably our second one will not take so long. Sea Turtles and their environment have become very fragile and our Glass Sea Turtle really represents well the fragility that exist in their world. Glass & Fire will be working hard to make it possible for you to enjoy such creations in your life. Our Motto is "Glassnfire is ready to put some glass in your Life"
We are supporting "saving the sea turtles projects"  Thus we donate some of the proceeds form our sales of Sea Turtles to our favorite foundation

G&F Artists  Ron, Burt, & Keith
Glass & Fire

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass and Wine just go together!

Glass & Wine just go together like a marriage. We recently have been asked to help out with this marriage. What we mean is that glass for many years has been use to store wine, age wine and drink wine. As it turn out it may be one of the best things for each other. Yes new discoveries and new designs in Decanting wine have come together as it were in a marriage. Well its true that glass wine decanters or wine aerator have been around for some time but Gary DeJohn of Fort Collins has made this union stronger. Gary is now Colorado's
newest shark tank guy has come up with a revolutionary new aerator. We have tried it and it works great. Check out his new site called Vinamor or see how it works here!
We have been working in our Studio coming up with new designs for wine glasses that will work well with this new aerator of Gary's. Here is pictured an Elk with pine trees Wine Goblet. You can see other work of art also at

The Studio where it happens!